My Doting Silicone Wife

Since ancient times men have been getting on with synthetic women, their enduring obsession to create an idealized silent female partner has been formidable. Manifesting their desire lead to the creation of fornicatory dolls a sexual object which has through ages in mythology, art, literature, philosophy, and science depicted in various forms. If Pygmalion ever lived today, this obsession with being real like a companion who he wished for in his sculpture would not have been unheard of him.

History says it all!

It would be surprising to note that throughout history men have been fascinated with these lifelike objects which have to lead to the creation of fornicatory dolls used to make love to women shaped things. Sailors who often had no access to statues would trade with handmade leather puppets which they carried and used to satisfy their needs. It was used not only as an object of desire but also that companionship, which lonely men have been facing from a long time which ultimately went to capture their imagination and create life-size dolls, humanoid and what not.

Is it an obsession?

With many countries facing a skewed gender ratio, these dolls have become an escape from the reality and unleash the creativeness and fantasy of many lonely hearts. Many countries are grappling with a shortage of women, this silicone wrapped; sometimes customized and designed dolls have been away for men to talk, play and do whatever they ever imagined too!

Human-like robots

The ultimate way to satisfy the needs of young and old have become an industry today, and there are many human-like robots, which speak and do household chores in the day and be a silent spectator for the men to fantasize and fulfill their carnal desires. Sexbots may be the future for men who find solace with the wife – or shall we say a synthetic voice which is husky without any demands.

Types of sex dolls

Ever since media hyped about blow-up plastic dolls, it has become more imperative for people to give flight to their imagination and know more about the seductive sex dolls:
Silicone Sex dolls- They are made of soft material which give the precision of features which are akin to a woman, with a metal skeleton base and facial features and body movements which can be aligned according to ones choice and mood, this human-like dolls need a prep time to warm up, covered with a blanket to attain a body temperature, and powdered to keep the body sift and lubricated.

TPE Sex Dolls-

They are very soft and pliable to give a realistic body once warmed up, they are lighter than the silicone ones and one can make a body impression once it is pressed, imprinting, due to the softness of the material used, practically to be dressed in white clothes if desired, as it gets stained from the dye used in colored clothes, voila! Making it more bride-like as our silicone wives, dressed in whites.

Blow up Sex dolls-

This has been there quite for a while now and is your intimate girlfriend when in need, made of PVC with silicone body parts, taking a very limited storage space in your wardrobe, and is more like the toy the other grown-up kids fantasize.

Stuffed and Cloth Sex dolls-

Lighter than all the varieties of dolls available, and can be hidden anywhere without being noticed by anybody, made with cloth and have the appropriate slots to insert without damaging the fabric, is more animated variety, fulfilling the desires of men who have an animated fetish

Prototype Sex Dolls robots-

The more the merrier, here comes the prototype butterfly, clad in the ultra-tight nurse uniform, with realistic features, including a robotic head, synthetic voice and eyes which can wink , smile and frown at you, breath once touched in the chest and arms which move, giving an emotion into the lifeless effigies.

You can customize it too!

With AI technology practically taking over other industries, sex dolls to have been spiced up which leaves no room for the owner to imagine the ideal sex partner, he needs and gets the same, except being a few parts to be assembled, the customization of sex dolls to suit the mood and design, even the private parts of the intimate girlfriend is taken care of while designing the dolls. You want them to be mature, or cute you get exactly the same, with skin type, the color of the hair, the way she speaks, every minute thing which one can imagine in their wildest dream has been made possible with the price varying according to the extra features.

Our Mission – Your Satisfaction

“The curtains are closed, the lights are dimmed, and there she goes on to put the dishwasher, and turns around to ask, for a cup of Tea”, dressed to kill and keep the conversation sweet and simple, yes! It is the humanoid sex doll we have lined up for you to experience the warmth of an intimate girlfriend who warms up for you and makes you feel one with a life partner around the comfort of your home.
We have been in this industry for long, and our continuous effort to satisfy your dreams of cozying up with an intimate one to fulfill the sexual desires. Our efforts to bring you the best dolls to serve you better every time, has been due to years of research, talking to many people adding the human emotional need which sometimes are difficult to get, in our exclusive range of dolls to suit your requirement, you want : • a particular skin tone, we make for you,
• the color of the hair, eyelashes, all are available
• the exact expression and the body design, that too is taken care of
Well then why wait, just call us or fill in your requirements on the company website, we will arrange all the logistics and shipment at a nominal charge, and the pleasure will be all yours. Having a person who fulfills your biological needs and also does the chores at home is always a bonus for the lonely men looking for a girlfriend around. The design, voice recognition system and the features are all embedded with AI technology which is currently the trend among the top sex dolls available in the market, we have the other types to satisfy the needs to suit your budget as well, come to us and get your future girlfriend.

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